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Brake Systems

The braking system is the most important system in your car. If your brakes fail, the result are most likely to be disastrous. Not everyone realizes this, but brakes are actually energy conversion devices, which convert the kinetic energy (momentum) of your vehicle into thermal energy (heat). Therefore, when you step on the brakes, you need a stopping force ten times as powerful as the force that puts the car in motion. It doesn't matter how fast you can go, it's all about how fast can you stop it. And because of that, we're offering the best performance solutions for any budget: be it a simple brake pads upgrade or full Big Brake Kit job -- we're here to make sure that you are safe out there with only the best, street and track proven brake products available on the market today.

Zimmerman Cross-Drilled Rotors (return to top)

Zimmerman cross-drilled rotors are manufactured in Germany with exceptional quality. Holes are not pre-drilled, but rather cast into the rotor, to provide improved cooling.
Therefore, cracking between the holes is a lot less likely. They are also heat-treated for prolonged rotor life and are easy on brake pads.
These are excellent alternative to OEM rotors in terms of price, performance and rotor life.

AXXIS Ultimate pads (return to top)

The AXXIS Ultimate pads feature a special Kevlar® and ceramic strengthened formula with a high co-efficient of friction and very high temperature fade resistance. Designed for high performance street driving and hard braking applications, Ultimate pad users will benefit with extreme stopping power and high resistance to brake fade at high temperatures. Consistent throughout it’s operating temperature range, you’ll get dependable, predictable stops time after time.

Brembo Cross-Drilled/Slotted Rotors (return to top)

Brembo brake systems and components have one of the industry's highest reliability records reaffirming the maximum level of safety and improved product performance, an enviable performance record that inspires confidence in the Brembo brand.

For the very best stopping power, these rotors combine the features of both cross-drilled and slotted rotors to give the best cooling and water and dust run-off available on the market. Silver cadmium plated to prevent rusting.

UUC Generation2 Big Brake Kit  (return to top)

The UUC Ultimate Big Brake Kit provides a proven and effective combination of good-looking components that are very affordable, thanks to quality manufacturing and design.
Performance: compared to similar brake systems, the UUC Ultimate Brake Kit provides more brake torque than other systems - up to 40% in some same-size rotor examples. Stiffness and caliper deformation characteristics are comparable or superior to other designs, and piston sizes are optimized for each application.

Stainless Steel Braided Brake Line Kit  (return to top)

Enjoy a firmer pedal in hard driving conditions at high speeds. These stainless steel braided brake lines are absolutely essential for the track or the kind of street driving where performance and safety are critical. Combine braided stainless steel sheathing with a Teflon core to eliminate the ruptures you can experience with ordinary brake lines. Meet and/or exceed both DOT specifications and Germany's strict TUV standards.

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