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Intake Systems

An aftermarket intake system (a.k.a. "Cold Air Intake" or "CAI") replaces your factory air filter element & airbox as well as some intake tubing with the following:

  • new, higher-flow air filter element (usually, a 3.0" cone filter)
  • new tubing that provides for a better air path
  • and necessary hardware to install the kit

Because of the new high-flow and smoother air stream characteristics of the new intake system, more horsepower is produced by simply increasing the amount of air your engine receives. More air means more fuel is combusted, delivering a noticeable power increase (as much as 11 rear wheel horsepower from a CAI alone).

Eurosport EvoII Carbon Fiber Intake System (return to top)

Because the Ultimate Driving Machine deserves the Ultimate in Engineered High Performance Upgrades, no expense is spared in producing the strongest, lightest, and most powerful shielded intake systems on the market. Eurosport intake systems are made from the finest materials and manufacturing processes available. This means that the intake pipes are made from multi-layered compression molded carbon fiber, instead of the heavy steel pipe typically found in most low quality intake systems. Compression molded carbon fiber is lighter, stronger, and has a heat transfer coefficient that is 50 times lower than that of steel. Having the best shielded intake system on the market also means that Eurosport intake shields are made from multi-layered e-glass composite material, instead of die-cut/tin-snipped aluminum sheet metal.

Active Autowerke Cold Air Intake (return to top)

The high-flow air filter with the intake runner will optimize the proper air flow for peak performance and heavy, double insulated CAIS walls will help maintain the colder air intake charge even under extreme hot, humid conditions.
A black powder-coated grill cover is also included which adds a finishing touch to the engine bay. Kit includes a 3.0" K&N cone air filter.

EuroSpeed Performance m50 Intake Manifold Kit (return to top)

Almost an M3 level of performance from this kit! Increased rev and speed limiter! Additional power that you can feel, available at any RPM! Close to a 40whp gain at 6000rpms over a 328 with cold air intake and exhaust and only a 7-8lb/ft of torque loss!*  Requires about 4-6 hours of labor to install.

* Manifold, CAI, exhaust and software, manifold alone will not produce the gains detailed above. Requires 93 octane gasoline to achieve maximum power gains; performance with lower octane fuel may be less.

AEM Air Bypass Valve for Cold Air Intake Systems  (return to top)

AEM Air Bypass Valve

Virtually eliminates the unlikely chance of water ingestion should the filter element become wet from deep puddles, rain, hail, sleet or snow–or any other scenario in which the filter element could encounter or become submerged in water. The valve installs along the upper portion of the inlet pipe on the same axis as the throttle body centerline. Should a drop in pressure occur within the pipe due to filter submersion, the valve shuts down induction at the filter and routes incoming air through its external orifices, eliminating any chance of water ingestion.

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